Complete Course in Pickpocketing by Pierre Jacques (Used 1983)

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Out of print book on the complete art of pickpocketing by Pierre Jaques. Book is in very good condition complete with original dustjacket having no minor tears.
*Principles of Pickpocketing
*Items of Interest--Watches, wallets, cigarettes, handkerchiefs, glasses, etc.
*Watches--Five methods given covering both expansion metal and buckled bands.
*Inside Jacket Pockets--Four methods given.
*Pants Pockets--Three methods, covering back pockets, "...pants pockets contain little or nothing. After all, why waste time stealing from pockets that have nothing?"
*Outside Jacket Pockets
*Neckties--Two methods.
*Bow Ties
*Tie Pins--Basically "avoid them." Suspenders--Two methods.
*Eyeglasses--Lifting them from your "victim's" face without their noticing.
*Rings--Too small for stage or cabaret routines, but effective in small groups.
*Exercises and Practice
*Gags--Taking the shirt off someone's back without unbuttoning their coat, for instance.
*Selecting the "Victims"
*The Barons--Basically stooges. Use judiciously.
*Risks of the Trade
*The "Real" Pickpockets
*Renowned Pickpockets--Famous magician pickpockets.



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