Complete Guide to Billet Switching by Tony Corinda and Ralph Read

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This booklet contains material by Corinda and Ralph Read. Corinda's mentalism is "clean" and requires no complicated props. The ideas in this 46-page book can make you a master mentalist. By adding a little mentalism to your act you reach a new plateau.
Corinda, Ralph Read: The Complete Guide to Billet-Switching
©Undated, Louis Tannen, NY
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 46 pages
This is a combination of Corinda's Step 6 of his 13-Steps to Mentalism on Billets, and Ralph Read's One Man Mind Reading Secrets.

1 Part One Technique
1 Introduction
2 A Few Simple Rules For Working with Billets
2 The Centre Tear - Corinda Variation
7 The Centre Tear - Punx - Meir Variation
7 Centre Tear - One Hand Variation
9 Centre Tear - Corinda's Backward Variation
10 Centre Tear - Preparation of the Billet
11 Centre Tear - Reading the Billet
11 Billet Switch - Bare Hand Method
12 - Billet Switch (Annemann)
13 - The Billet Switch Bare Hand Method (Corinda)
14 Billet Switch by Lapping
14 Billet Switch - Magnetic Clip Method
14 Billet Switch - Corinda's Billet Pull
16 Billet Switch - The Matchbox Swith (Will Dexter)
17 The Star Trap Billet Switch (Eric Mason)
18 Eclipse Billet Switch (John Henley)
20 Summary of Billet Switching
21 Marking of Billets
21 Billet Stands
22 The Use of a Crystal Ball
23 References on Technique With Billets in Other Steps

23 Part Two Tricks and Routines
23 The Crystal Locket (Stanley Jaks)
25 Three Little Questions (Corinda)
27 It's a Record! (Corinda)
28 Presenting the Living and Dead Test (Corinda)
28 Great Minds Think Alike (Punx)
30 The Flames of Zor (Chemical Reaction)
31 A Card and Billet Routine (Corinda - Fogel)
31 Inexplicable (Al Koran)

33 One Man Mind Reading Secrets (Ralph W. Read)
33 Introduction
33 The One-Ahead Principle
33 - Original One-Ahead Method
34 - Second Method Stealing Folded Billet
35 - Third Method Subtle Glimpse
37 - Fourth Method Thumb Tip
38 - Fifth Method Thumb Tip #2
39 - Sixth Method Cards in Envelope
39 - Seventh Method Faked Pile of Magazines
41 - Eights Method Novel Idea for Ascertaining the First Question
42 - Ninth Method
42 -- The Double Cutter
42 -- Old Fashioned Mediums Switch
43 -- The Double Envelope Switch
44 -- The Calostro Three Finger Shell
45 -- The Slit Envelope



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