Correct Key by Nite Lite Magic

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Ted Annemann gave us 7 Keys to Baldpate, David DeVal gave us 7th Key and now Nite Lite Magic presents Correct Key. The performer shows a padlock and passes out seven keys to seven spectators. Each tries his or her key in the lock. The keys turn but do not open the lock. The spectators are each given a small coin envelope and instructed to seal their key in it. An eighth key is brought out. The lock can be opened only with this one key. It is also sealed into an envelope. The envelopes are held and shuffled by a spectator. Another spectator locks the lock and someone picks an envelope. The key is removed and a spectator now opens the lock with the chosen key. Comes with several variations on the routine. Quality Master lock and keys. Can be classified as mentalism or straight magic as well as a prediction



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