Cosmic Sports and the Interpretive Truth by Steve Reynolds (Signed)

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This copy of this out of print book is signed by Steve Reynolds.
Steve Reynolds' influences on his card magic have been the likes of Brother John Hamman, Ed Marlo, and Jon Racherbaumer. Need I say that there is some great card work in these pages?? Contents include The Talonsman's Tune (a no jacket version of Marlo's Mind Reader), Open Scenario Palm Addition (an open & unhurried tabled palm addition), Off Handed Exchange (a sleightless exchange of any amount of cards), Off Handed Shiftless Shift (a sleightless multiple shift), One Mood for O'Henry (a great third ace addition to Ortiz' New Hitchcock Aces), Brother Hamman's Marx Brothers (Steve's handling), Variant Ace Mis-Show and Vanish (modification of Aaron Fisher's Ace Mis-Show and Vanish from Labyrinth), Fine-Line Assembly (Brother Hamman's Final Ace routine with a borrowed deck), Discrepancy Find (version of Marlo's Ace-x-Ace without extra cards, gimmicks, tape, or sleights), Technicolor Find, and Meddler's Assembly (great Kings and Aces transposition inspired by Barry Price and Marc DeSouza).



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