Cream Trick Sean Fields

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The magician begins by displaying a $20 bill and slowly folding it into eighths. With a gentle brush of the hand, the $20 magically turns into a $1,000,000 bill! The million-dollar bill is unfolded and displayed-the bill is clean and legit and the hands unmistakably empty. The million is folded into eighths again, and this time, without any cover whatsoever, the bill is given a slight shake and it changes back into the $20!Sean's new handling takes the $100 Bill Switch to a whole new level, combining an incredibly visual effect with a practical and convenient handling that doesn't require the use of gimmicked bills. Comes with the necessary special gimmick and detailed, fully photo-illustrated 12-page booklet. "A bill switch doesn't get any cleaner or more visual than CREAM - and this is exactly what they will do after they see this incredibly visible bill change. This is good." -Peter Loughran"I really think you will please the magic community with this one. The best bill switch to date." -Reed McClintock



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