Credit Card Decoder by Elian Agaian and Yuval Keren - Trick

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Yuval Keren and Elian Agaian's Credit Card Decoder is one of the most amazing predictions you will ever see! EffectInvite a spectator onstage and ask her to take out a credit card and place it inside an envelope such that you cannot see the card's numbers. The spectator seals the envelope and checks to make sure nothing can be seen through the envelope. The spectator writes down the date and time (let's say 8:00 PM) on the envelope as you explain that it is indeed possible to travel through time, in this case, the future. While the spectator holds onto the envelope, you write down a possible memory from the future, emphasizing that you not only don't know the spectator's card number, but what type of card was used. The spectator opens the envelope and reads aloud the last four digits of her credit card. It matches your written prediction! But, there's lots more.Explain that the prior evening, before you even met the spectator, you wrote a few things on a piece of paper, signed it, folded it, stapled it closed and placed it inside your shoe! Taking off the shoe, a note is clearly seen inside. Undoing the staples, you read what is written on the paper: "If I could indeed travel forward in time, I would meet the right person at the right time of 8:00 PM and they would carry the numbers (here the first four numbers of the spectator's credit card are written down), thus proving the theory of time travel can indeed be accomplished!" Important points:A random volunteer is chosen No pre-show work The performer never sees or even touches the credit card during performance The spectator herself places the credit card inside the envelope and seals and signs it The performer reveals the credit card information as the spectator holds onto the envelope containing the credit cardComes complete with everything needed to perform along with a presentational and instructional DVD!



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