Crikey by Eric Mason (Used)

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Four keys are laid upon the table and a spectator is asked to pick one up. Now it is the turn of the magician and he picks a key up. The spectator is asked to choose another key which is done and the magician picks up the final key.

The spectator is asked to do as the magician does and in this case rub the two keys together in an elaborate and mysterious way. If the spectator would rather have one of the keys that the magician took in place of one they chose they may do so.

Now the magician goes to work rubbing the keys together once more and leaving one key touching another the bottom key is given a twist and let go. The key adheres and spins leaving everyone watching quite amazed. More action continues through the routine to the further amazement of all.

Includes the four brass keys and illustrated instructions. From Great Britain. Condition very fine.



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