Dan Hauss 2010 Lecture Notes DVD

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When Dan Hauss and B'Smith lectured here at our studio, Dan was kind enough to run off a few of his lecture DVDs for me at the shop. No fancy DVD case or printed advertising, just a DVD of four really incredible pieces of close up magic. I will say this...each and every one of these effects fooled me completely when Dan performed them for me. Very creative stuff that will open a world of ideas.*BLUR-The label on a water bottle visibly blurs out of vision as the spectator looks at it.*BOX PREDICTION-A card prediction with a surprise change finish done through the cellophane wrapper of a deck of cards. Ideas for card transpositions, etc.*UNMATCHED-This is Dan's work on appearing matches in a matchbook. Cleverly constructed and a real fooler.*PUZZLE CARD-A card visibly changes piece by piece (one quarter card at a time). You can use this idea to change the color of the back of the card or even the face of a card. Lots of possible creations from this idea.Full instructions on how you canmake each of these four effects. All easy to construct and easy to perform.



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