Daniel's Dollar Box (Used) by Owen Magic

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Invented by the late John Daniles and made by Owen Magic.
This beautiful brass box is large enough to hold 3 Silver Dollars (not included) and the magician begins by taking a Silver Dollar and placing it in the box and resting it upon the back of his hand.
Tapping the box the Silver Dollar penetrates the box and the hand dropping from the hand onto the table.
The spectator is allowed to examine the box and lid after which the box is set aside and the magician takes the Silver Dollar and makes a throwing motion toward the box and he says it has arrived.
With empty hand the box is picked up and shaken but no sound. The lid is removed and out pops a Dollar Bill banknote.

This box has a special feature (smiliar to a dove pan load) which allows for a combination of other effects. Includes a photocopy of the original instructions.



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