Denny & Lee Performance DVD by Denny Haney

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Now on DVD!!! For those of you who are interested in seeing the Denny & Lee Show, we have a full 55 minute DVD of their live performance at the Wells Theater in Norfolk, Virginia. This performance took place in the mid-nineties and features their personal presentations of the classics in magic. Contents include the Hindu Basket, Torn & Restored Newspaper, Malini Egg Bag, Girl on Sword Suspension, Card Manipulations, Razor Blades, Multiplying Bottles, and the Canvas Covered Box Illusion. This is a live, unedited performance with all the comedy, bits of business and audience participation. Just a simple two camera shoot exactly as it was performed. We have received many requests to see our standard show in action so we now offer this DVD to the magic fraternity. Since humbleness prohibits me from telling you if the DVD is any good or not, I will leave you with the following review from Quentin Reynolds as it appeared in Genii Magazine:"I give my highest recommendation to the Denny and Leevideo. It is a tape of Denny's one hour show taped in a theater in front of a live audience. It is show only - no explanations. But what a show. One hour of pure entertainment by a top pro. You have often heard the phrase "be yourself" or "the magic is you, it's not the tricks". This tape is the epitome of these phrases. His egg bag routine and multiplying bottles routine brought back happy memories of Ken Brooke, who would have loved this show. The irony is that this tape contains no explanations but there is more to be learnt here than from dozens of "here's the trick and here's the explanation" videos. I had a bunch of magicians around last night. They were all enthralled and enthusiastic. And all leaning towards the TV so as not to miss anything. This is an unsolicited recommendation coming from the rare joy of finding an entertaining magic video."Note: For a sneak peak at Denny's Performance. Go to and type dennymagic in the search box.--------------------------------------------"Oh man! You are the most entertaining person I have seen in a long time. I can't stop watching it. People should stop buying tricks immediately and start learning from you the art of performance and how to properly perform the stuff they already have. If I could do the egg bag, torn and restored newspaper and multiplying bottles like you I would never do anything else in my act. You are the quintessential performer. The hand flying off the sword basket; you know I laughed out loud a long time. What a great take. Not to sound too goofy, I honestly will treasure this tape always. "ThanksNorm Klarr (Professional comedy magician)



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