Denny Haney Lecture/Workshop Package Deal

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When asked to present a workshop/lecture at a magic convention, this is the special package that I offer to all those who attend.
In August I presented this at the Abbott Magic Convention and all packages sold out.
Most recently I presented this workshop./lecture at the Nemcon Convention in Connecticut and still have some of these packages remaining.
I have decide to offer these remaining packages to my newsletter subscribers.
These packages will be sold as long as they remain.
The package contains five items:

1 Denny and Lee Lecture Notes-$15.00
1 Malini Egg Bag-$40.00
1 Ken Brooke and Friends on the Malini Egg Bag-$10.00
1 Charlie Miller Egg Bag Routine-$10.00
1 Denny and Lee Live Performance DVD-$25.00

Details on the above five items can be found on my website. I can only tell you this...if you really want to be a performing magician and really want to learn my favorite trick, the Malini Egg Bag, then this package will be one of your most valuable investments. All of the above items have received praise from performing magicians all over the world.

SPECIAL PACKAGE DEAL: By the entire package for only $75.00. In other words, get the notes, the egg bag, and the two works on the Egg Bag, and the Performance DVD is FREE!



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