Die Cupo by El Duco - Trick

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TrickA new version of the classic Die in a Cup trick. No metal cup or balls, no magnets. It works with a total different principle to provide more variations. Die Cupo gives you more possibilities than an ordinary chop cup. The die moves from under the cup to your pocket and from your pocket back to the cup. From the cup to your hand..... and all this WITHOUT ANY SLIGHT OF HAND! This special cup does it all for you. Place the die in your hand, and the cup on the spectator's hand. Throw the die towards the cup and the spectator feels in his hand when the die arrives under the cup! Place the die on the table and cover it with the cup. Just touch the cup and the die penetrates the table top! Whenever you want you can show BOTH the cup and your hands. A moment later you put the cup on your outstretched palm. Lift the cup and the die is back! You will be thrilled by the clever and simple method used in Die Cupo. You will love to play with this and create your own routines. The cup has a black leather finish outside and green felt inside.It comes complete with the cup, dice  and a GIANT DIE for the final load, instructions and example of one good routine with photos.



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