Discovery of a New World by Mathieu Bich

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Six more unusual effects from Mathieu Bich that you can make up yourself at home.
"Suspension of Belief" is a strange sort of suspension of cards with a borrowed deck. You keep touching the tip of your pen to a deck of cards and more and more cards are attracted to the tip until finally you have ended up at the selected card somewhere in the center of the deck. All can be examined and it can be done with a borrowed deck.
"Little House" is an effect with a packet of cards with various shaped holes cut out in them. These shapes of the holes change their shapes while being held in the spectator's hands.
"Instant Sandwich" involves the visible appearance of a selected card between two Jokers. The cool thing about this one is that the Jokers never even make contact with the rest of the deck. This uses the Han Ping Chien move with cards!!!
"Little Papers" is a novel effect with five little squares of paper. One is signed by a spectator and then then spectator moistens his finger tips and picks up each piece of paper on the tips of his moistened fingertips. When he shakes his hand, all the pieces fall from the fingers with the exception of his signed piece which stays firmly in place.
"Thinner" is an effect wherein the magician removes a deck of cards from a card box. The card box then magically becomes thinner so that it can now only hold a few cards. The deck now gradually becomes thinner until it becomes only four cards. These are shown to be the four aces and are now placed inside the thin card box.
"Perrier Choice" is a clever card prediction with a little Perrier Bottle. Inside the bottle is a "Message." A dab of super glue is placed on the bottom of the bottle and then spectator places the bottle on top of any card in a spread causing that free selection to adhere to the bottom of the bottle. The message in the bottle is removed by the spectator and the prediction matches that card that he stuck to the bottom of the bottle.



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