Double Talk by Doc Wayne - Trick

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Double Talk is 90 minutes of fun-filled wacky wordplay to help magicians (and everyone else) add giggles, grins, guffaws and laughs to everything from performances to conversation!Doubletalk adds playful sizzle, sparkle & sass to all spoken communications from everyday conversation to presentations & everything else!You`ll learn Daffy Doubletalk Definitions, Witty, Wacky Wards, Funny Phrases & other Hilarious Stuff. **Includes 2 comical speeches:**- Tough Times Demand Tough Talk - The Power & Passion Of Glib GabPick and choose the things you can use to amaze, amuse & downright confuse! Its a rich resource of witty words, pithy phrases and irresistible ideas that will help them say something funny any time they want a laugh!Just tell them that they`ll get to ferfenate their epizeetus while they scrambulate their firtle and fraktilate everyone else`s moisenflay. They`ll have more fun than the time a turtle got trapped in Aunt Myrtle`s girdle!Men, women, children & everyone else are tickled by Doubletalk. It`s delightfully appealing to everyone & can be done by anyone!Amusing & Confusing Wacky Wordplay That You Can Do



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