Dough Or No Dough by Brandon Smith

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From the creative mind of Brandon Smith, Magic Enhancer is proud to release it'snewest product: 'Dough or No Dough'. Inspired by a popular game show, take your audience on a game-show like adventure with a surprise ending.Draw your audience in with a game where choosing the right briefcase meanswinning cash. Just when they think they have hit the jackpot, the big money caseends up being their chosen card instead.Dough or No Dough' has it all- money, suspense, audience participation, unique reveal, instant reset.Your spectator chooses a card but the magician fails to find it. As areward for besting the magician and a chance to win some money, thespectator plays a game of Dough or No Dough. They are shown severalcards with briefcases printed on one side and different denominations ofmoney on the other side. The magician shuffles the suitcase cards and thespectator eliminates cases until they are left with only one. By showingseveral of the already eliminated cases the spectator believes their casecould contain the $50. When they turn over their briefcase card they aresurprised to see their chosen card printed on it instead! Take your audience on a journey they are familiar with! This commercialand modern effect has it all:Six glossy and water resistant briefcase cards (will last forever!)Clearly written instructionsVarious handlingsAudience Involvement 



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