DVD Cabaret Connivery Dan Garrett

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Learn wonderful stand-up and close-up routines from Dan Garrett's working repertoire. This DVD also includes a performance only of "Cardtoon Card Rise." (based on Martin Lewis' Cardiographic)Contents include:Sphere It!: A commercial, concise sponge ball routine for "workers." In the astounding opening segment, a sponge ball magically appears in the mage's empty hands!Roots: A surprise in you hat, but not from a rabbit.Rings of Saturn: Classic linking rings with a twist! Includes Garrett's widely heralded Key Ring Display Move.Ultimate Card Revelation: A spectator merely thinks of any card and the magician names it! Dan's strongest "hospitality" routine. Seems like real mind reading!Brainwave Connection: A spectator turns the tables and reads the magician's mind!Produce-tion (The Del Monte Johnson Prediction): Comedy mentalism with a mind-blowing surprise!Pickle Trick: Gherkins magically multiply in the air, vanish completely in a hat, then start a "pickle family" in an unsuspecting spectator's hand.The Underhanded Overhand Shuffle: One of the finest false shuffles ever devised. Also one of the easiest! Extremely useful for stage, stand-up, and close-up work.The Professor's Daydream: One of the best variations and presentations of Bob Carver's Equal & Unequal Ropes.Plastic Cash 4.2, "The Spindle": An improvement to Garrett's commercial burned and restored bill routine!Mutated Spider Vanish: Where does the coin go?Four Card Reiteration: Commercial, amusing, and amazing card magic, completely impromptu. Included is Garrett's Elmsley Count technique.What People Are Sayin"Dan Garrett is one of magic's most entertaining and creative minds." - David Copperfield



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