DVD Kid Show Konnivery Dan Garrett

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 Learn real kid-tested routines for young audiences from Dan Garrett's working repertoire. This DVD includes selected portions of a live "Dan the Wizard" show for children. Content Incudes: Invisible Hare: An impromptu rib-tickler with a handkerchief. Thumb Tipnique: Learn to produce and vanish larger items. Produce a 14 inch silk from thin air with one hand! Tooth Fairy: An oversized tooth transforms into a shiny new coin in your bare hands. Tooth Fairy, your job is in jeopardy! Triller: Fun with a balloon and magic with sound. Karate Kid; A youngster "karate chops" a long balloon in half! The Un-Cut Rope: A fun rope routine that transforms the kid from a Geek into a Hero! The Fastest Balloon Animal in the World!: and more. The Whole Tooth: A funny production of a Giant Tooth and more. The Mouse That Roared: Dan's handling of "Judy" the Mouse. World Famous Banana Trick: Bananas multiply in the air, then vanish and begin a family! Pickles and Carrots too. Hanky Mouse: Impromptu "Judy" mouse routine. Martian Rabbit Eggs: An amazing and hilarious visual routine with sponge shapes. No skill required. *PLUS* : Bonus sponge tips, music cue tips, and more. The live performance also features (without explanations) over the rainbow (color changing disks) and Acey The Wonder Rabbit (rabbit-in-hat puppet routine) What People Are Sayin "Dan Garrett is one of magic's most entertaining and creative minds." - David Copperfield 



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