Earl Canapp Dove Cage Vanish (Used)

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This is the cage vanish built by Earl Canapp many years ago and was designed after the Abbott Cage Vanish. The photo shown is the Abbott Cage Vanish. The Canapp cage is almost identical but with a white fringe added half way up the table base to make the base appear thinner.A large cage is seen sitting on a table. Two live doves are placed inside, where they remain in full view. A large cloth is thrown over the cage. The magician lifts the cloth covered cage and walks forward with it. He suddenly tosses the cover and its contents high into the air and, to the amazement of the onlookers ... the cage and the doves have completely vanished! A startling and perfect closing effect!This method for this livestock illusion is tried and tested and practical to the utmost degree. The outfit is smooth working. The table is of the finest quality and workmanship. At the conclusion of the effect the table appears to be only a few inches in depth. This effect is self-contained and may be performed completely surrounded! (No doves included.) Comes complete with cage, table, table base, cloth and instructions. The two-bird model is approximately 17 inches x 12 inches.

http://www.abbottmagic.com/Abbotts-Miracle-Cage-Vanish-ABBmircage.htm, not found


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