El Duco Signed Card to Hip Wallet

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From El Duco, a new principle for the Signed Card to Hip Wallet. Its a new way to load a card into the inner pocket of the wallet with absolutely no palming! As far as the audience is concerned - magicians and laymen alike - the deck itself never touches the wallet, because the full deck with the signed card is in the closed card case all the time!The spectator picks any card from any deck, signs it and puts it back. You immediately place the full deck, with the chosen card, into the card case.Then, introduce a modern hip wallet to the audience and take out a $20 bill or any other bill with the explanation that the spectator may keep the money if the trick fails! In saying this, you stress the fact that the signed card is now somewhere in the deck inside the locked card case.But, when you put the twenty dollar bill on the table in front of the spectators, the card is already in the wallet!Thanks to the special gimmick, the dirty work is done at the very same moment you touch the card case to the wallet!It is that clean and easy to do. Perform it surrounded. No magnets, threads or complicated mechanics. Again, this is an entirely new principle.You will love being able to invisibly load the card from somewhere in the card case into the wallet. It is such a cool principle!The Signed Card to Hip Wallet is hand made from genuine Swedish reindeer leather. You will carry it with you all the time and use it as your regular wallet. The size of the wallet is 125 x 90 mm (5 x 3.5 inches). Comes complete with wallet, deck and DVD instructions.



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