Elevator by Peter Loughran - Trick

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L2ILLUSIONS have come up with what they believe to be the most versatile street levitation to ever hit the market. THE ELEVATOR is so easy to use and can be performed under most conditions. You can perform this without having to worry about any angle restrictions found in other street levitations. You don't need special clothes, or special shoes, in fact you can even perform the levitation barefoot! This one can be viewed from the front and the sides. You start clean, and you finish clean! Show the bottom of your feet before and after the effect. You can even hold onto the hands of your spectators while you float, and even perform a mid-air rotation!

You are going to carry this specially constructed levitation device with you wherever you go, levitating for people anywhere and anytime.

The effect is simple! The performer attempts to catch a cushion of air, and elevate on top of it and remain suspended. Just as the spectators begin to comprehend what they are seeing, the performer lands back on the ground, ready to repeat the effect if desired.

The package comes with the gimmick, detailed instructions and presentation tips, and a DVD.

Running Time Approximately 35min

Dimensions Approximately 2.75" x 2" (45cm x 32cm)



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