Elixir of Life by Alvo Stockman - Book

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Feel Young Again! Take One Sip and See What You've Been Missing! EffectGo to your local coffee shop with a friend, and order green teas together. Explain to her that this is in fact the fabled Elixir of Life and the secret to your youthful good looks. If she looks skeptical, offer to try an experiment with her. Have your friend write her current age on the bottom of her cup in permanent marker, and you do the same. Enjoy your teas together over stimulating conversation and mental acrobatics. When you've both finished and are ready to leave, you each look and see that your age have decreased! By a Year, Two Years or More! Individual results may vary. Naturally, everything is examinable and your friend leaves with an extra bounce in her step, feeling rejuvenated and ready to face the world. [from the manuscript] Introduction The original "Elixir of Life" is a fabled potion that according to legend can actually make whoever drinks it younger. While it's probably not real, people have been searching for ways to look and feel younger for centuries. And being healthy and looking youthful has only gotten even more attention in recent years. What's exciting about the performance of Elixir of Life, is that it gives back to your spectator by satisfying this very human desire to stay young. Not only by getting them to mentally feel younger, but by physically giving them a hydrating, healthy drink that is a clinically proven mood enhancer! On top of this, you're performing an absolutely unexplainable miracle that makes the whole experience completely unforgettable. Benefits Positive Elixir of Life is an experience that will leave your friend feeling good, both physically and emotionally. What you're doing is helping her find the energy that is hiding inside her beneath the stress and pressures of her job or school work and bringing it out. When you're finished performing, she really will feel more full of energy. In her mind, this will help her associate you and your magic with that good feeling. It will also draw attention away from how you accomplish your magic and direct it toward how pleasant it is. Healthy Much of what you will be explaining to your friend will actually be true. The various health benefits of both green tea and honey are documented both clinically as well as historically. They have both been used in treating illness in societies for centuries. Honey was actually used by ancient cultures as one of the first antibiotics! And green tea is much healthier than soda, coffee or even black tea, has tons of powerful antioxidants and zero calories, so if you do inspire a change, you may actually be helping to extend your friend's life! "Elixir of Life is my 4th formal release and it's just been finalized and sent to the printer. I've been saving this for some time as it's very different from the others as well as any other magic I've ever seen, but also because it's very special to me. I love the interaction and the effect it creates. I especially love that it makes people feel good about themselves.. it makes my time performing so much more fulfilling and memorable." -- Alvo Stockman Pages 26 - Saddle Stitched



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