Eruption by Illusioncraft - Trick

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Produce fire bursts from your hand...EffectYou can place the device in your pocket and take it out whenever you want to use your effect. No tubes up your arm or explosive canisters.Very safe!! Eruption is instantly repeatable, without the need to reload. You have full control where the flame goes and how large a flame you produce, and when you produce the flame. Comes complete with: Delivery system, full instructions and one refill, so you are ready to use instantly.Please note that this material is considered HAZARDOUS MATERIAL by UPS and therefore commands a surcharge as follows: UPS - Domestic Ground - $20 FEE for EACH BOX containing this product.UPS - Domestic Air - $30 FEE for EACH BOX containing this product.UPS will not ship this material internationally.FEDERAL EXPRESS will NOT ship this Internationally.Please contact your Account Manager for further details.



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