Expert Manipulation of the Playing Cards by Lewis Ganson

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Lewis Ganson originally worked for six years to finish the original publication of this book around 1945. It is without a doubt the most complete book on the subject ever written. It has been sought after for years by card manipulators throughout the world. We have been fortunate in that the Davenport family had recently discovered Ganson's original text AND original photographs from this book while going through the Willane estate. Willane was the original publisher of this book. The Davenports have taken the photos, enlarged them for clarity, spaced out the paragraphs for easier reading, and also made the book in hardback in a larger format. For completion they have also included the relevant parts of the book, Exhibition Card Fans by Goodlette Dodson. Over 120 pages on Card Manipulation all with sharp, clear photographs showing you every move in full detail. The book is divided into five sections: The Manipulation of Playing Cards, The Art of Card Fanning, Flourishes, Suggestions for Routines, and finally the 40 page section of Goodlette Dodson's work on Exhibition Card Fans. Everything you need to know. The types of cards to use. preparation of the cards, back and front palm. showing hands empty, spreading the fingers, steals, single productions, continuous card fan productions, manipulation in gloves, stealing and loading with gloves, vanishes, fanning for display, diminishing cards, arm spreads and catches, etc. One of the finest books in the whole world of magic.



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