Extra Sensory Deceptions by Doug Bennett

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10 Deceptive routines are included in this great booklet. Ring Toss-Effect: A small solid ring pass onto the handle of a dinner spoon via the BOWL END and done so VISIBLY!Assault With A Blunt Instrument-Effect: a pencil is shown and handed to a spectator to sign something. The pencil is found to have lost its tip. The pencil is returned to the magician and the blunt end is placed into the magican's hand. After a few twists of the pencil a famillar sound is heard. It is the sound of a pencil being sharpened via a pencil sharpener. But when the magician opens his hand the pencil is sharp and no sign of any shavings or a pencil shapener.Flash Card- A great torn and restored card!Feather Through Quarter- A great illusion! A feather goes right through a quarter, using the Cig Throught Quarter gimmick.No Fright Ring Flight- An easy to do Ring Flight.Mirror Knives- Fantastic routine using the a standard Color Changing Knife set.Effect: A white pocket knife held over a mirror casts a BLACK REFLECTION! Suddenly the reflection and knife visible change place. The performer now holds a black knife which casts a WHITE REFLECTION! The reflection is now visibly slid from the mirror into reality, leaving the performer with two knives, one black and one white, with which to execute his favorite color changing knife routine.Mirroricle Card Vanish-Effect: With the aid of a small pocket mirror a selected card is caused to VISIBLY collapse into nothingness! Upon ribbon-spreading the deck the card is revealed face-up in the center of the spread!



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