Fearless DVD by David Blaine

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It was David Blaine's first television special Street Magic that sparked our interest in close-up magic. We recorded it on vhs and within the month the tape would no longer play from watching it so much. We literally learned every effect by reconstructing, buying from magic shops and coming up with our own methods. Along with the study of his ingenious performing style this special has served its purpose as one of our fundamental tools for learning magic, misdirection, style, and entertainment. We highly recommend Fearless to anyone starting out in magic.Press ReleaseThe magic, wonder and intrigue of the mystifying DAVID BLAINE are now on DVD with the best of THREE TV SPECIALS:Street MagicMagic ManFrozen in TimeThe world is his stage, and watching Blaine's mastery is a magical mystery tour de force, whether he is on the streets of New York City or in the primitive jungles of South America. Prepare to meet ordinary passersby as they encounter extraordinary one-on-one magic as never seen before.Inexplicable, curious, captivating, and astounding. Don't miss your chance to see some of the most mystifying magic ever spontaneously captured on film. You'll keep watching, you'll keep wondering.Magic has a new master. He is Fearless, and his name is David Blaine. 



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