Final Exam Book Test by Harvey Berg

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Two books are selected from a small group of well-known classics, and given to freely selected members of the audience. The spectators select any page number they wish in each book and silently read to themselves from the page.Without the performer even being near them or ever touching the books, he then describes in considerable detail what the spectators have just read! The effect may be repeated (more than once, if desired) with different descriptions of the readings given each time!
* No additional props involved, the books are the only objects used
* No accomplices, assistants or pre-arrangements
* No electronics of any kind
* No sleight-of-hand required
* Books remain in the hands of the audience
* No "fishing" or equivoque
MY COMMENTS:Most book tests are simply word tests. The participant thinks of a word in a book and the performer divines it. This book test, though, is much different and far superior in effect. The participant reads the first paragraph and the mentalist divines the images and characters within the passage. It is much more realistic. To me, next to the uniqueness of Docc Hilford's Wizard's Manual, this is the best book test effect out there.The books you get are Sinclair's The Jungle and Lawrence's Sons and Lovers. Both are classic and recognizable books,but they have been painstakingly altered to accomplish the impossible. In fact, unless you're familiar with the books,you can probably read them and may not notice what's different about them. One of the drawbacks, though, is that you must learn the page number. I don't find that to be a problem because I hand the book to one participant and, claiming to have a totally random choice, I have another participant (sometimes three) call or build a page number. The other drawback ist hat there is quite a bit of memorization to do. And though mnemonics are used and they are not difficult to learn, the mnemonics could have been better. Currently I use a cribsheet. I know that with more use, I won't need it. In any case, from the page number you can discern the characters, a description of the scene and a descriptive element of it. You can choose to reveal one, two, or all three elements. And it can vary from participant to participant, not to mention page to page.You'll get no quarrel with me over the price of this. It is simply one awesome test. I know that some prefer to have a book test where you don't need to know the page number, and I do agree. But until someone can improve this particulartype of booktest to the point you don't need to know the page number, Final Exam is, as I said, the most realistic and strongest book test out there.



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