Fitzkee Trilogy by Dariel Fitzkee

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Three of magic’s most sought-after classics are finally available again. Each one of these books, considered separately, would be highly recommended. But taken together, this is a body of work for the ages. Tommy Wonder, John Carney, Jim Steinmeyer, Mike Caveney and others have extolled the virtues of The Fitzkee Trilogy, yet these books come up less frequently than they should. Why?
First, The Trick Brain has recently fallen out of favor with a minority of magic writers. I think this is unwarranted, as The Trick Brain is a fascinating read, and while you may not agree with Fitzkee’s scientific approach, you must at least admire his thought process, and his arguments therein.

Second, these books were only available in recent times in an ugly edition published be Lee Jacobs. This has been remedied, and the new edition has a modern layout that makes reading (and displaying) even more pleasant.

Third, the books were not commonly available. They have recently been reissued, and I suspect many articles, reviews, and magicians will be singing Fitzkee’s praises in the near future



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Reviewing: Fitzkee Trilogy by Dariel Fitzkee

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