Flare by Alpha Magic - Trick

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EffectYou're painting the town red on a late Saturday night. Under the flashing strobes of the city's trendiest nightclub, you pull a cigarette out of a classy cigarette case and call attention to it... ...wait The lines on your forehead become more visible, obvious to those who sense your intense concentration. Let them watch you as close as they can. Let them focus their attention on the cigarette as you pinch it lightly between your fingers. Time slows down as you hold still. Let them be consumed by your enigmatic presence. Slowly...gently...painstakingly the cigarette crackles and smoulders, seemingly reacting to the stares of those around you. Everyone goes silent. Your eyes are open intently. And then it happens. Like the sudden pop of the cork from a champagne bottle, the tip of the cigarette forcefully bursts into flames, consuming the entire tip with white hot fire, real fire. "It can't be!" They were looking all this while. "Impossible!" Your fingers were held apart with nothing to hide. "@#$%?!!" You were holding the cigarette up in full view. All thoughts of trickery slowly ebb away as the flame subsides into a faint, steady glow. Smoke the cigarette yourself or offer it to a mesmerized albeit dumbfounded witness, leaving behind memories of nothing short of a complete, visual miracle. Call it psychokinetic combustion, call it magic. Some even call it pure devilry. We call it Flare.



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