Floating Gimmick by Nicolas Lepage - Trick

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Show a sponge ball to your spectators. Put it at the end of your thumb and let it go. It stays in balance as by magic. You can shake your thumb, the ball doesn't move!Now put it on your forefinger and let it go again. The sponge ball seems to be stick by your own power. (No glue, no tape.) Take it back and put it on your hand. Slowly, the ball begins to move and finally takes flight. It flies in the air. Make some movements around it, there is nothing to see! After some seconds, you catch the ball still in levitation to pass it around for examination. It's normal! Receive a well deserved applause!No tape, no glue. Easy to perform. You learn this routine in five minutes. This routine can be the final of your sponge ball routine. With this gimmick, you will be able to levitate any sponge ball, even a cigarette.The Floating Gimmick comes complete with the gimmick, a sponge ball and an instructional DVD.Note: This DVD is PAL format. Playback maybe possible on many computer DVD-ROM drives, but NOT on NTSC television sets.



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