Floating Sunglasses by Yigal Mesika

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EffectThe magician removes a pair of sunglasses from his pocket. With a snap of the fingers, both arms on the glasses unfold by themselves. After a few moments of concentration, the glasses suddenly begin floating up and out of his right hand over to his left hand. The glasses mysteriously fly up out of his hand again and begin spinning in midair. Forming his hands into a loop, the glasses pass right through them, elinating suspicion of threads or wires. On command, the glasses fly down almost to the floor, then all the way up to his face. Plucking the glasses out of the air, the magician puts them on and takes his bow.The Floating Glasses Comes With:Custom-Made, Gimmicked Sunglasses with Case Mesika's single Invisible Thread Dispenser with 250 feet inside Special Wax Instructional Video Fully Illustrated Instructional BookletSteve Fearson's Thread Hook-Up Used with Permission



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