Flying Jumbo Cards

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Two spectators are invited to join the magician on stage. The performer then counts 10 jumbo (5.5" by 7") cards into the hands of the first spectator. The cards, numbered from 1 to 10, are clearly shown to the audience, one by one.The magician then walks over to the other spectator who's been patiently waiting on the opposite side of the stage from the first spectator and he counts 10 black cards into their hands. Even though the spectators are tightly holding their cards, the performer is able to magically cause two cards to fly from one spectator's packet of cards to the other!When the red cards are counted, of course there are only 8 cards and when the black cards are displayed the two missing red cards are found!A terrific version of this class effect, suitable for almost any performance. Comes complete with the necessary jumbo cards and detailed instructions.



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