Flying Silk by El Duco - Trick

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EffectYou display a window envelope containing a WHITE silk. You take out the silk and tie a knot in one corner. Show the envelope EMPTY. And IT IS! Put the white silk inside and seal the envelope. You place the envelope face down in between the spectator's hands. Now you show a red rope with a YELLOW silk tied to it. Take off the silk from the rope. Put the middle of the rope in your pocket or waistband. Both rope ends are visible. Put the YELLOW silk into your fist and make a gesture towards the envelope. Ask the spectator to turn over the envelope. THE SILK INSIDE IS NOW YELLOW!! Where is the WHITE silk? Grasp the rope ends and pull out the red rope. TIED TO THE ROPE IS THE WHITE SILK!!! Please note the followin There is only ONE silk in the envelope. There are no magnets. Very easy to do. Complete with everything you need.



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