For Magicians Only by Robert Parrish (Used 1944)

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Parrish, Robert: For Magicians Only
©1944 1st edition, lacking dustjacket
Original 121 pages; PDF 74 pages.
Comments This was a very successful book on magic when it originally appeared in 1944. Even the sophisticated New Yorker put at the top of its list of recommended books for servicemen. A complete repertory of tricks that can be performed without elaborate equipment. The only book on magic that tells exactly how to keep the audience from seeing the mechanics of performance. Here's the book for every one who ever dreamed of pulling rabbits out of a hat or sawing a woman in two (and putting her back together again). The author, who has had a long experience in platform magic and two previous books on the subject, has succeeded in making prestidigitation simple and interesting, and his book can even be read by those who never expect to become magicians. Mr. Parrish not only gives clear and explicit instructions for performing thirty popular "tricks," but he also explains the psychology of letting an audience see only what you want them to see. Distracting the audience is more important than the mere mechanics of performance. Although the book is written in a sophisticated manner, it will be clear to young magicians, as well as to adult readers. It is illustrated with many diagrams and amusing chapter headings by Doris Holley Peters.


6 Chapter One Warning: The Fun Of Magic

10 Chapter Two The Way It Looks And The Way It Is

14 Chapter Three The Old Ways And The New

16 Chapter Four The First Trick

22 Chapter Five After-Dinner Magic
22 The Knife And The Papers
24 Salt And Whiskey
25 Here And There

28 Chapter Six Card Magic With The Greatest Of Ease
28 How To Keep A Card From Getting Lost In A Deck
30 Letting A Spectator Shuffle The Deck (In Vain)
31 A Trick Using This Method
32 How To Use Card Systems
33 How To Be Marvelous Without Skill
35 Card Into Pocket And No Sleights
37 The Stabbing Trick
38 Two Card Turnabout
39 Hop, Skip, And Jump
40 A Card Trick With Needle And Thread

42 Chapter Seven How To Be Psychic
42 The Bangalor Billet
44 Predicting Things To Come
46 Slate Psychics
47 An Impromptu Method
48 How To Make Your Best Friend A Medium

50 Chapter Eight Manipulating Many Things
50 A Paper Napkin And The Tables Turned
52 How To Make A Coin Vanish
53 How To Produce A Coin
54 Visible Magic
55 Thimble Trickery
56 The Trouble With Thimbles

60 Chapter Nine Larger Tricks
60 The Magician's Waste Basket
62 The Flight Of Water
63 A Deceptive Lemon
64 Enough Rope
66 The Hindu Rope Trick

69 Chapter Ten A Magic Show
70 An Impromptu Program
71 A Short Magic Show
72 Another Magic Show
73 Conclusion



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