Gazzo Street Wise by Fantasma Magic - DVD

Fantasma Magic is proud to introduce the first in a series of Fantasma produced magic DVDs, Gazzo: Street Wise.

This DVD is an invaluable tool for any performer. Whether you work the streets or not, you will become a better performer after watching Gazzo, both outdoors and indoors at Fantasma. Learn how to turn a few simple tricks into a show worthy of a standing ovation.

Gazzo, widely recognized as one of the greatest street performers in the world, gives us an in depth view into the noble, yet much maligned world of the street performer.

In a candid interview filled with insights, advice, suggestions and of course humor, Gazzo sheds light on the life of the street performer; the world's second oldest profession!

See Gazzo in action in his world famous, or should we say infamous, Street Show performed at NYC's famed South Street Seaport. Watch the master as he insults, prods, pushes and cajoles his audience with irreverent, sometimes caustic, often sarcastic, but mostly good natured humor, to everyone's delight.

Learn from this guru of the streets how to draw an audience, how to keep them watching, how to get them to give you money and how to avoid mishaps while working the concrete jungle.

- Gazzo teaches his world famous version of "Three Card Monte"- great for any indoor parlor show
- Learn "A Gentleman's Game" a fun, easy & awfully good card con!
A candid interview; Gazzo pulls no punches!
- Watch Gazzo's World Famous Street Show at the South Street Seaport in New York City
- See clips of The Gazzo Show, performed at Fantasma
Bonus: Hilarious clips of Gazzo having fun with his audience. His patter lines are priceless!



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  1. Not for the tricks!!!

    by David Breth on Dec 26, 2013

    If you watch this DVD to "catch" the "moves", learn the ticks and patter verbatim you are actually doing yourself a big disservice!

    Yes. The "moves" and patter on this DVD are like the the feeling one gets the first few seconds you slide under clean, fresh sheets -- there is that ..."ahhhh".... feeling.

    More than that though....... is Gazzo's phenomenal timing and "knowing" how to work ANY audience >>> some simply say, ...."oh he is just making fun of people".... others say ...."he is just insulting his audience"...... but Gazzo is a true master of the stage (yes, the stage is anywhere one performs)>>>> you see as you watch this DVD ....... watch it for "HOW" he starts his show.... Note the way he stands, the facial expressions, his eye movements, his body position, etc. -- now take these notes to heart and experience the world of difference Gazzo's teaching will bring to you and your show.
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