Giant Cervon Monte by Bruce Cervon

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Two of Magic's finest effects are Fred Kaps' routine of Martin Lewis' Sidewalk Shuffle and Ton Onosaka's Tonte routine, and are considered unequalled for professional Magic presentations. But, Bruce Cervon's Giant Cervon Monte could well be a notch above both of the above routines. It has 100% entertainment value! It has wonderful spectator involvement! It plays well on the stage. It plays excellent in parlor setting. It can even be performed close-up. The spectator sees the three jumbo cards, with one being a court card. The court card is in the middle, for sure, but it is still impossible to find the jumbo court card, as it jumps to the back or front to avoid being found! How is this possible as there are NO false moves? Believe it! One performance will convince you!It uses ONLY three jumbo cards. There is NO special printing on the cards. The card indices are NOT altered.Comes complete with jumbo cards and instructions, PLUS Bruce's funny $100 routine is included.Packs flat and plays BIG. Tops for trade show work. 



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