Glimpse trick Marc Spelmann

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Imagine being able to take a regular deck of cards and having a spectator cut anywhere in the deck, they place three cards in three different pockets and recase the deck, making sure that everything is secure before you turn around, yet you are able to tell them what cards they have and in which pocket.Glimpse is a fantastic utility item that has many applications, another routine that Marc Spelmann has included is Wink Murder, four silver coins and one copper coin are dropped into your card case and mixed around, five spectators each take a single coin, the one who has the copper coin will be the murderer, you without questions or double talk are able to locate the murderer in your best psychic detective role. This is a great routine for intimate cabaret and around the tables, it involves five people and has an edgy feel to it. Glimpse comes with three bonus routines:Close Up Psychometry - Divine which object belongs to which person.ESP Divination - Divine which ESP symbol your spectator is thinking of.Close Up Drawing Duplication - The title says it all.  Marc floored everyone at Mindvention in Las Vegas with GlimpseWhat people are sayin"Marc Spelmann's Glimpse is really a thing of beauty! It is entirely practical, deceptive and useful. If you want "clean" then Glimpse will give it to you. I give this product my wholehearted recommendation!"Richard Osterlind - Mentalist & Creator "I think Glimpse is brilliant, It's instant and easy to do. The possibilities are limitless."Richard Webster - Author & Psychic Entertainer "A clever innovation workers will use. Anyone who uses cards in magic or mentalism simply must have this".Kenton Knepper - Author & Magician "All I can say is WOW!"Banachek - Mentalist & Creator    



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