Greater Magic Deluxe 1994 Kaufman Ed.

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Here is the 1994 Kaufman deluxe edition of the John Northern Hilliard classic work on magic, Greater Magic. This two volume set is in very good condition. Only 150 copies of this Deluxe Edition were ever printed.This edition not only contains the original 1004 page Greater Magic book from the 1930's but it also contains an extra 224 pages of great historical information on the publication of this classic book. Thirty-two chapters in the original text on Card Fanning, Card Locations, Locations by Marked Cards, Key or Locator Cards, Locations by Subtlety & Arrangement, More Locations, Old Wine in New Bottles, Shuffles, Forces, Cuts, The Pass, Impromptu Card Tricks, Sleight of Hand Card Tricks, Clairvoyance with Cards, The Four Aces, Rising Cards, Prepared Cards, The Tuned Deck, Card Stars of the USA, Magic of Silks, Magic with Balls, Coin Magic, Magic with Cigarettes & Cigars, Magic of Bills, Magic with Ropes, The Chinese Rings, Selected Tricks, Mind Reading, Magic Squares, Old & New Apparatus, Stage Presentation, and Stage Tricks & Illusions.The More Greater Magic section covers eleven more chapters on the history of this book as well as many effects and routines that were not included in the original text.



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