Greater Magic Video Volume 23 - Bobo

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"No one is forever. I'd like to think I've made a mark on magic. This tape will be a memento of my contribution to the art."- J.B. BoboAnd his contribution spanned the generations. In the '80s kids paid $1 to see the Bobo Magic Show. Many times the parents of those children remembered paying 50 to see this pioneer school-show performer. This remarkable legacy of being a pioneer school-show performer-which escapes all other magicians, becomes believable when Bobo reveals he's performed over 13,000 shows-and the numbers keep growing. And the number kept growing. J.B. Bobo and Lillian remained busy trekking across Texas performing 300 shows a year for many years. Bobo's rich history of 50 years in magic included performing stage, close-up, building apparatus and penning Watch This One and the coin-workers' Bible, Modern Coin Magic.In this DVD you have the best of both worlds; Bobo's vintage school show and his legendary close-up.Part I " Interview with BoboThe insider tips on how to be a successful school-show performer (what to wear, how to get bookings, how to choose routines, what to charge, plus much more.)Part II-Bobo's School ShowTaped in front of 50 third and fourth graders. A great chance to see dozens of proven bits and tricks.Part III-Bobo's Close UpBobo with Dice (includes his revolutionary color-changing dice routine)Chinese MoneyBobo on Coin Vanishes (includes sleeving, use of pockets and other unusual techniques)Tenkai PenniesTraveling QuartersRunning Time Approximately 1hr 21min



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