Green Magic Lennart Green- #1, DVD

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The F.I.S.M. Act - See the act that has made Lennart Green famous worldwide! Included in the act are:Vanishing glasses The appearing glass of liquid The Laser Deal Separation of colors Full deck separation from a shuffled deck The incredible blindfolded ace through king production. (This segment, shot by A-1, is performance only, but portions of routines and techniques are taught throughout the three-volume set.) Greek Shuffle Circulation Shuffle Overhand Circulation Shuffle Rapid Cuts Shuffle One-Card Riffle Shuffle Eternal Chain Shuffle Pinch Cut Elegant Cut Flourish Z Cut Pivot Five Cut Pivot Four Cut Float Pass Center Windmill Move Lateral Center Steal Lateral Palm * Bottom Palm Spread Bottom Palm #1 Spread Bottom Palm #2 Spread Top Palm Misdirection Top Palm Top/Bottom Palm Card Changes using Lateral Palm Top Shot Center Shot Thumb Shot Thumb Shot Change Thumb Shot Second Deal Multiplying Card Move Angle Separation Red/Black Separation Four Suits Separation And more!



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