Green Magic Lennart Green- #6, DVD

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There is no one else in the world quite like Sweden's Lennart Green. He is a true original, both in life and in magic, and this originality really shines through in this incredible and hilarious performances. He is in constant demand all over the world, including his tour de force appearance on NBC's World's Greatest Magic. Lennart Green does things with a deck of cards that no one else has ever done before and now he's ready to teach YOU .Just how good is Lennart Green? Well, some years ago he competed at the F.I.S.M. World Championship of Magic. He lost! Why? Because his was so thoroughly amazing and impossible that the judges accused him of cheating and using trick cards! Fast forward to the next F.I.S.M. Lennart performed the same act, but this time the judges were satisfied that Lennart was indeed using a straight deck. When the dust had settled. It wasn't even close. They had no choice but to award Lennart Green the title of World Champion Magician! Witness the most incredibly original display of card magic ever seen!And then learn how to do it!Volume 6 features many of the sleights and routines that have made Lennart world famous. Among the many highights are Lennart's seminar techniques for the Later at Palm/Steal, including the Snap and Laser Deals, the Drop Cutt and the Angle Separation. This volume compresses a lifetime of pasionate card magic onto a single DVD. It truly is the quintessential Lennart Green! Also included is a bonus item, Xirtam, which must be seen to be believed. Witness the most incredibly original display of card magic ever seen!And then learn how to do it! Volume 6 : Quintessential GreenLateral Palm Snap Deal Laser Deal Performance/Explanation The Flexible Deck Lateral Steal Color Separation Lateral Vanishing Deck/Color Separation Selection Transposition Xirtam (cards under coins) Drop Cull Separation 5-Q RSF Royal Flush Routine Angle Separation Variation



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