Gypsy Balloon by Tony Clark - DVD

The classic Gypsy Thread has been elevated to new heights!

"This is one of the strongest pieces I've ever created. I just used it to close my hit show "Masters of Magic" in the 1200 seat Montbleu theater in Lake Tahoe!"
- Tony Clark

"After seeing Tony do his Gypsy Balloon Routine, I was blown away. Tony has found a way to motivate and elevate the classic and powerful Gypsy Thread trick into a truly powerful piece of magic and theater. His routine is actually too good to release and I wish I had the exclusive rights to it. This is something I would put into my show immediately and I predict a lot of people will do just that."
- Danny Cole

"The Gypsy Thread is a classic routine that needed a face-lift and Tony did it! It has such a visual impact for all audiences, both young and old. If you are looking for a NEW exciting routine, this is it! Silent or with music - the Gypsy Balloon is the way to go"
- Brent Geris

** Includes 30 feet of thread - (Helium and balloons not included)

Running Time Approximately: 9 min



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Reviewing: Gypsy Balloon by Tony Clark - DVD

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  1. Must have for your show

    by Barlow on Jul 12, 2012

    This by far is the most interesting version of the gypsy thread I have ever seen. I feel because there is a balloon it now makes it appealing no matter the age of your audience. You will be performing this moments after you watch the DVD if you have helium in your home to make the balloon fly up that is.
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