Half Dyed Hank Routine by Levent

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I consider this to be the very best half dyed hank routine EVER! Practical in every way and a total fooler.This classic effect was made popular by Billy McComb and Levent has taken this to a new level with a more direct and less complicated version using only one gimmick.Basically, you push a white silk into the hand, it changes to red. You apparently explain how it is done by showing two handkerchiefs, You then repeat it but this time after changing the silk only half way, you open the hand and the silk is seen to be dyed half red and half white. You are left totally clean at the end. You also start totally clean at the beginning.This comes complete with the gimmick, the silks, and an amazingly thorough DVD which explains the history of the effect right from the beginning showing many different types of gimmicks and their handlings. You will learn David Devant's Silk Dyeing, The Harry Kellar silk production using the Nikko Ball, the Stillwell Ball, Salvano's handling with the hand held gimmick, the Paul Fox Design, the complete Julius Dresbach Routine, the Stewart Judah move with the Rice Palmo Gimmick, the Paul Schoffler gimmick vanish, and then finally Levent's complete routine in every detail.It's never been done any better or explained any better. Levent has done it again!



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