Handkerchief Magic by Jean Hugard (Used 1974)

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Hugard, Jean: Handkerchief Magic
©1974 Jean Hugard, Pub. Dover Publications, Inc., NY
Softcover, perfect-bound, 5.5x8.5", 85 pages
Comments: Originally published as "Silken Sorcery" in 1937 by Max Holden.


5 Methods of Folding Silks for Production
10 Sleights for Manipulating Silks Without Accessories
13 Methods for Producing a Single Silk
25 The Production of a Number of Silks
31 Various Methods of Vanishing Silks
38 Dyeing the Silks
44 Twentieth Century Silk
48 Useful Accessories
52 Liaison Tricks
53 Tricks with Silks
54 Knots, Ties and Flourishes
81 The Stillwell Silk Act
84 Patter Suggestions
85 Final Suggestions



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