Harada Hold by Daiki Harada - DVD

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View ClipIf you have mastered the Cornelius "Jumping Coin" effect, this is for you and all professional coin workers! On this DVD, three master Japanese coin workers showcase the "Harada Hold." If you're looking for a different approach to coin magic and manipulation, this is IT! The DVD features 15 effects and explanations! While shot in Japan, each effect has clear English subtitles as well as English menus. Be entertained and witness an advancement in the art of coin magic. You won't believe it when you see it explained! This is a new pure sleight that will fool you and blow your mind! Wonderful to see but even more wonderful to incorporate into your coin routines. No gimmicked coins"this is a pure professional coin sleight and revolutionary technique.NOT FOR THE BEGINNER!Use your own coins.HARADA HOLD can show the palm by opening both hands with coin concealed. You can use the borrowed coin. This DVD explained the method of basis of the technique and 17 applications."When I first saw the Harada Hold demonstrated. I was certain it was a thread or magnet of holdout or sticky tape. But, unbelievably, it is pure sleight of hand that you can do anywhere at any time!"-Dan Garrett"HARADA HOLD gave me impression and the impact when I started the Magic. It is comparatively strong in the angle, and the range of the application is also wide. To be wonderful in above all is to look natural. I am proud of the creation of the Japanese of this technique."-Yoshihiko Mutobe "Outstanding! In all my 50 years in magic, I have never seen this coin sleight!"-Joe StevensFeatured performers are: Daiki Harada, Kenji Yata and Ginjiro.Running Time Approximately 45min



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