Harmony Coins - Trick

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The Harmony Coin changes colour to match each coin it touches! Even in the spectators own hands! A black Chinese coin is displayed to the spectator. Then three more Chinese coins are shown, coloured red, yellow and blue. The black coin is placed on your palm. The red coin is then placed alongside and the black coin magically changes to red! The process is repeated with the yellow and blue coins. The black coin takes on each new colour accordingly as it touches them. Finally, you place all four different colour coins into a spectators hand, so they can hold them tight in their fist. As they slowly open their hand, everyone can see that each of the four coins have changed to the same colour! NO MAGNETS OR THREADS NO TRICKY ANGLES NO COMPLEX SLEIGHT OF HAND NO BANDS OR SHELLS Comes complete with detailed illustrated instruction guide book, and full set of custom-made nickle plated Chinese Harmony Coins.



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