Have a Good Time trick

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EFFECT: The performer displays a small packet of playing cards, three of which have blank faces and the fourth has the picture of a clock on its face. He deals the card with the clock on it face down onto the table and holds the other three cards under the table. After tapping the card on the table he turns it over to show the clock is now gone and removes the cards from under the table to showing the clock passed through the table! The performer then repeats this two more times, cleanly displaying the card with a clock on its face and dealing it down on the table, only to have it magically pass right through, and gives the spectator a chance to try. The spectator is asked to tap the card on the table to send the clock through but...it looks like they tapped too hard! The card on the table is turned over to show the clock smashed to pieces and the performer displays the other three blank cards!Clean Handling Charming Effect



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