Hijacked (with DVD) by Steve Morrison and Jay Sankey - Trick

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Featuring an incredible collection of FIVE OUTSTANDING EFFECTS includin  THINK OF A JACKThe fronts and backs of four Jacks are slowly shown to the audience and given to a spectator to hold. The spectator is asked to "think of any Jack." A moment later, the magician removes the named Jack from his pocket! Then the four cards held by the spectator are revealed to be the FOUR ACES! No sleight-of-hand. The extremely devious gimmicks do all the work for you! (And yes, the spectator can name ANY Jack!) LETHAL POKERA pack of cards is spread face down and a spectator asked to touch any four cards. Impossibly, the four cards turn out to be the four Jacks! Commenting that, "four Jacks is a great poker hand, but they could still be beat by four Queens and even four Kings," the magician changes the four cards into an even stronger poker hand, THE FOUR ACES! A.C.E.SThe four Jacks are introduced and the magician says they are "marked." The magician draws attention to the fact that there is a different letter written on the back of each of the Jacks including a 'C,' an 'A,' an 'S', and an 'E.' The four cards are laid face down on the table in a row so they spell the word 'CASE.' The magician then rearranges the cards so they spell 'ACES' and then turns over the four cards to reveal that all four Jacks have impossibly changed into THE FOUR ACES! (And again, the backs and fronts of all the cards are completely shown!) RAINBOW JACKSA three climax mindblower! First, four cards are chosen at random from a red pack and the four cards turn out to be the four Jacks! Second, the backs of the Jacks are mysteriously changed into FOUR DIFFERENT COLORS! And third, the Jacks are changed into the Aces! Supremely magical. 4 X IMPOSSIBLEThe four Jacks change places with four Aces HELD IN THE SPECTATOR'S OWN HANDS! Comes complete with specially printed Bicycle playing card gimmicks and instructional DVD! All five incredible routines are performed and taught by Jay Sankey! "Too damn easy. Too damn magical. Damn genius." - Charles M. "I got Hijacked in the mail and then tried the 'Four X Impossible' handling on some friends at work. Best reaction I ever got. Sweeeet trick!" - Costas H. "Hijacked is my new favorite effect. I've performed two of the handlings and both play like real magic. Beautiful!" - Winston G. "Hijacked is a packet card trick on sterioids. A total knock-out!" - Bob N. "I've never heard of Steve Morrison but if this killer trick is any indication I can't wait for his next release!" - Joe S. "This one packs a real punch! I just know I'm going to be blowing people away with Hijacked for years to come. Thanks so very much." - Gary R. "I can't decide which handling I like more, 'Think of a Jack' or 'A.C.E.S.' They are both nothing less than terrific." - Max W. "The single strongest card trick I do. (Please don't tell anyone how ridiculously easy it is! I've got a reputation to maintain!") - Martin F.



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