Houdini Code Mystery by Bill Rauscher

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Here is the ninth book in the Mike Caveney Magical Pro-Files series. Limited to 1,000 copies and each one numbered. A history of Houdini as you may never have read before. The book centers on Houdini, his wife Bess, and Arthur Ford. The author has revealed the painful yet honest opinions of those who worked with and competed against the Great Houdini. Not only does the book cover the myth of Houdini but a chapter on how others saw him is most fascinating. Noted magicians such as Walter Gibson, Goldston, Mulholland, Blackstone, Thurston, Bamberg, LeRoy, and many others all give their views. The book ends with detailed coverage of the Houdini Code Message that created so much controversy in the past. This is great reading



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