How to Develop Mental Magic by Paul Hadley (Used 1961 1st edition)

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For the professional mentalist, the power and booking appeal of a well-crafted, two-person code act is undeniable. And yet, for many, the task of acquiring this impressive ability is daunting to say the least. In 1961, a book changed that notion, Paul R. Hadley's "How to Develop Mental Magic." In an area where too many authors and former practitioners are content to supply little more than laundry lists of cue words and phrases, Hadley's mentalism "how to" course set a new standard. With writing that is as close to personal instruction as anything you'll find in print, Hadley not only familiarizes you with his practical telepathy code and Q&A act methods; but also how to put on a mentalism performance - from training and preparation to showmanship and stage presence, as well as how to conduct yourself on and off stage. Plus, he even explains how to win over your audience and get a steady flow of bookings. A must-read for every serious mentalist! 118 hardbound pages,



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