Illogical Dribble Force by Justin Higham - Book

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There is, of course, illogicality and illogicality. Actions which are illogical from an effect viewpoint are, naturally, to be shunned. But there are certain moves which, although illogical or discrepant, pass by unnoticed. Examples include the Tenkai Optical Revolve, Through-the-Fist Turnover, Flushtration Count, Olram Subtlety, So-Simple Force, and Jay Ose False Cut. In this treatise on the Illogical Dribble Force, Justin Higham explains a method for forcing one or more cards from either a face-down or face-up deck. Although illogical, the move is easy, casual, and visually deceptive, and can be done in an instant with no prior setup. Contents include: The Basic Move Face-Up IDF IDF Aces IDF Count-Down Return of the Pseuds Ambitious Estimation IDF Ace Production 1 & 2 Illogical Prefiguration (Baker) Illogical Hofzinser (Baker) Palm-Replacement IDF Casual Palm-Replacement IDF (Baker) Double-Sided IDF IDF Plus Tabled Double Illogical Ace-Cutting Illogical Dribble Control IDF Sandwich IDF Key-Card Placement IDF Predicted Indicator IDF Predicted Sandwich 1, 2 & 3 Pseudo IDF 1 & 2 IDF Plus Ace Switch-Out/In Illogical Acid-Jazz Aces and Equivocal Acid-Jazz Aces20 pages, 15 photos, A5 (8.5" x 5.75"), saddle-stitched with light card covers and illustrative cover design.



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